May 142022

Astra’s humiliations continue and today she is waiting for another test, invented by the cruel and merciless Dominique, Kira and Isabela! Bitch Astra had to worship dirty shoes, lick them very carefully and gnaw out all the dirt from the sole ! Seeing the bad result of her work, the girls immediately reacted and slapped the bitch on the face and ass , they wanted to hear her moans, her cough from cigarette smoke, they wanted to humiliate this bitch more and more and spit on her face! Kira spanked the bitch Astra with her feet and sneakers so that her ass was red and Astra’s moans became even louder! Dominique shoved her legs into the bitch’s mouth so that she swallowed them deeper and faster, and then they changed turns so that the bitch would please their dirty shoes and worship them ! The girls wanted to humiliate Astra even more and they came up with an interesting way, they decided to take a plate and make themselves a pedicure , wiping their skin off their heels to feed this dish to a hungry bitch who asked them to eat! Each of them rubbed her legs and then they poured it all into Astra’s mouth, the bitch chewed it all and obediently stuck out her tongue to show her efforts to her mistresses! After that, the girls spit in her mouth and spanked the bitch, driving her out until their next meeting!
tags:lezdom fetish,lesbian domination porn,submission ,humiliation,facesitting,gangbang,foot worship,foot fetish,shoes licking,collar slave girl

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