BLAST FROM THE PAST! Wonder Tomi (Tomiko) is at a scientific conference and asked to protect the queen bee from getting into the wrong hands. The Bee Keeper has other plans, and sends one of his worker bees, #10 (Savannah), to take the container with the Queen Bee and bring it back to the hive. Wonder Tomi hears a buzzing noise and can’t locate where it is coming from. There is a surprise appearance by #10 who materializes from her small bee state to her human self. She attacks Wonder Tomi with her sting right away by sucking on her neck. Wonder Tomi feels pain and pleasure at the same time. Wonder Tomi is sent to dreamland and she is stripped of her powerbelt and debooted and tied spreadeagle to the bed. #10 plays with her body fondling her. She leaves with the Queen Bee only to get a telepathic message from the Bee Keeper that Wonder Tomi is escaping. Wonder Tomi has just put on her other boot, when #10 comes in for another sting. She has removed her power belt and starts sucking on her neck to sting her. Wonder Tomi is sent to dreamland and then stripped again…nude. She flips her over and her nipple is sucked with venom. #10 then pumps her with control phermone so that Wonder Tomi can be controlled by the Bee Keeper and can become part of the hive. #10 rides her butt hard, thrusting large amounts of phermone. She is sent to dreamland again and we see her lucious nude body before #10 makes her escape with the Queen Bee. Is Wonder Tomi destined to be part of a hive? Can she break free from the Bee Keeper? FETISH ELEMENTS: SUPERHEROINES, NUDITY, NIPPLE PLAY, MIND FUCK, GROPING, GIRL GIRL, HUMOR, BRUNETTE, BLONDES, ASS FETISH, BOOT FETISH, ASIAN, JAPANESE, LONG HAIR

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tags:superheroine,superheroines,lesbian domination,lezdom,froced orgasm,super hero, super heroines ,tied,wonderwoman,woner woman

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