Heroine Ruin Story Trilogy Vol.2 Cheer Knights

The homeroom teacher Yuki (She is the real character of Magical Mask) is missing. Cheer Knights feels uneasiness and pretends lost purposely during fight with Satan Cross to be taken away to the base of Satan Cross. But Shchwarzen Kreuz finds out her intention. Cheer Knights is spread her laps and lost her consciousness with peeing by torture of Shchwarzen Kreuz. Dr. Shchwarzen Kreuz pull out her double personality. Cheer Knights transforms into evil heroine with black costume. Black Cheer Knights becomes extremely prurient and disgraces a man all over the world. Shchwarzen Kreuz decides killing her because he can’t control her any more. This movie is volume.2 showing the after story of heroine’s ruin. Don’t miss the prurient evil Cheer Knights! [BAD END]
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Duration: 01:40:03 Resolution: 856×480 Format: MPEG-4 Size: 2.22 GB

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