Heroine Pinch 20: Beautiful Mask Aurora Endless Subordination

Rion Izumi
Tatara and Marugame were attacked by a monster. Beautiful Mask Aurora appears there. Aurora let escaped Tatara and the others and then fought with a monster. Aurora tried to beat a monster, but Tatara and the others, who should have escaped, are peeping at her. Aurora, distracted by Tatara and Marugame, is attacked by a monster. Aurora is pinned down after receiving a blow from the best of the best. However, Aurora struggles against a monster but manages to defeat it. A few days later, Aurora fights a monster again. Then Tatara and Marugame appear again. The mask that hides Aurora’s true identity is broken by a monster’s attack. Aurora fought to hide her exposed bare face with one hand. Tatara and Marugame tried to see her true face. She hides her true face and fights bravely, but finally, her true face is seen by Tatara and Marugame. Aurora’s true identity is revealed, and she finds herself in even more trouble with Tatara and Marugame…
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