Heroine Pinch 19: Spandexer Cosmoangel

Kuroe Kanzaki
Spandexer (Aika) is the Princess of Planet Omega. On Earth, she was a newspaper reporter, but when incidents occurred, she transformed into a Spandexer to fight evil. Then one day, Dr. Sadias, a scientist from the evil secret society Marsaker, launches a mission to defeat Spandexer. First, they use combatants to take away the Spandexer’s strength and then make it fight the monster, wounding it to the hilt. To finish, the giant monster and two more monsters, a three-man team, beat Spandexer to a pulp. Spandexer, who has lost the ability to fight, is subjected to being toyed with by Dr. Sadias…[BAD ENDING]
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