Heroine Nuisance Notification: Charge Mermaid, Deprived Force of Justice

Ena Satsuki
Nanami Aoi was saved by a hero of justice when she was a child. Nanami admired heroes and became a Charge Mermaid through her blood-soaked efforts to become a friend of justice and protect the weak. Charge Mermaid fights boldly to defend justice. When Mermaid encounters her fellow Charge Pegasus being chased by a monster, she confronts the monster alone to save Pegasus, unaware that it is the Pegasus’ group’s plan. Mermaid is attacked and damaged by the monster. Pegasus and his team hastily change their strategy and try to defeat the monster, but they are unable to attack because Mermaid is using them as shields, and they let the monster escape. The members of Chargeman, having reached the end of their patience with Nanami’s repeated failures, finally inform her that she is no longer a member of the team…Nanami tries to destroy the evil organization by herself to become a Charge Mermaid again, but she is unable to defeat the monsters and becomes a captive because she cannot transform…The evil organization takes Nanami hostage and threatens the Chargeman…What will be the fate of Nanami Aoi? [BAD ENDING]
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