Heroine Brainwash Vol.28 -Sailor Mermaid: Destroyed Heart of Justice by Imposter

Riena Ninomiya
Sailor Mermaid fights demons. She fights valiantly but is pinned down by the strength of the demons. At that moment, a hero dashingly appears and saves Her. Sailor Mermaid defeats demons with the hero’s help. Gilzait, a demon cadre, watches the scene with a bitter look on his face and hatches a plan. He succeeds in capturing Sailor Mermaid using a demon. Then he attempted to brainwash the captured Sailor Mermaid into believing that humans are evil using chemicals and devices. Sailor Mermaid endures desperately. She is rescued by a hero again, but the effects of her brainwashing gradually begin to show…Will Sailor Mermaid be able to overcome the demons’ plans? [BAD ENDING]
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