Melissa Jacobs vs. Prinzzess
Nothing like great topless wrestling by two evenly matched grapplers and that is just what we have with Melissa Jacobs and Prinzzess, they start out topless with skimpy bottoms. Both ladies are anxious to get it on and after a lock up Melissa soon has a tight bear hug on the tan blonde, from here to the mat for a leg scissors around her neck but hold on because soon Prinzzess has a gut wrenching scissors around the red head’s thin waist. Here we go, each beauty puts on chokes and holds, their breasts pop as the legs are wrapped around them in arm bars, their limbs stretch in bow and arrows, even scissors around sexy legs and so many amazing chokes from all angels. Both are working hard to punish, eventually one takes over and gets control and she makes her foe pay for how difficult this match has been. The red head and the blonde are about the same size and both very athletic – and so sexy, making this one hell of a fabulous match with non stop wrestling action – you know em, you love em – enjoy em !!!!!!
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