Bodacious babe, Tilly Mcreese is looking for some fun, so she calls up Heels For Hire and orders a special sneak attack beatdown for The Machine!
Bodacious babe, Tilly Mcreese, is chilling on a night in and is looking to dive into her more sensual jobber side. With the pandemic putting a stall to her business, she’s seeking to scratch a very special itch. She makes a call to Heels for Hire for a male heel to come work her over and client-favorite, The Machine, just so happens to open for the occasion. They quickly get the business end sorted and Tilly goes to prepare for her incoming opponent.

Tilly stretches in her living room, giving her stalker the green light to come take advantage as she warms up in her tight bodysuit. The Machine pounces on her with a tight sleeperhold and the cut oxygen takes its toll on Tilly as she pleads and gurgles. The desiring jobber is choked to the floor, then the Machine tightens the hold forcing her to struggle before her lights are put out. The Machine proceeds by removing her footwear and stirs her up with toying. Another sleeperhold crosses her throat and she begs for his mercy. He teases her with a light squeeze as she wears herself down with panicked wriggling, then it’s night night once more.

Tilly is stripped out of her bodysuit to her cute lingerie and the Machine makes good on his promise to deliver an unforgettable experience. Tilly’s removed bodysuit is then wrapped around her throat for another chokehold causing her to squeal in an agitated submission. It’s coughing and choking before Tilly’s seeing stars and she dangles in the Machine’s lap. He positions her into a derri “air” pose and spanks her, jarring her up for another sleeperhold that soon takes her out. He spices things up with nerve punches to the back of her neck and she goes limp. An OTS carry precedes Tilly being draped over the couch and left for their next scenario.

As Tilly is cleaning the dishes in her kitchen, she’s preyed upon by a lurking Machine who takes her from behind with another sleeperhold and puts her out with ease. He takes a moment to check her limbs as he appreciates her curvy figure and she wakes amidst the feels. A second sleeperhold takes her out alongside assisting punches to the nerve in her neck. He wakes her with a belly punch and flips her around for a frontal sleeperhold that puts her ass into the air. Tilly’s dropped into a derri “air” pose and incoming spanks wake her again. A sleeperhold is applied again that puts her down with haste and the Machine ensures she’s out with a neck chop KO. With an OTS carry, move onto the next phase of the night.

Tilly is now geared up in her wrestling attire awaiting for her heel to fulfill her dreams. Her wish is granted as he approaches from behind and captures her in a frontal bearhug. His squeezes to her lower back force her to her tippy toes and she’s spanked for good measure. Tilly is squeezed to a KO’d pulp and he delivers further compressions to pump out the excess air. He scoops his victim into an OTS carry and applies some more spanks before dumping her onto the bed. He lifts her up and applies a sleeperhold, taking her down as she tires herself from intense struggling. He caresses the sleeping beauty and performs an eye check before administering another sleeperhold. He then flips Tilly onto her stomach and controls her body with neck chops. Each blow alternates Tilly from flat out to derri “air” and lightly convulsing from the impactful strikes.

More spanking wakes Tilly and she’s snared into a sleeperhold. Tilly begs for more as she can’t get enough, but the Machine has other jobbers that need his services. He makes this one special as she guides Tilly to pleasure herself as she’s KO’d. Follow up squeezes send Tilly in and out of consciousness and she’s finished with a double neck chop. He leaves her out cold in her cozy bedding, dreaming of the next encounter with her favorite heel to fulfill her carnal cravings.
Sleeperhold KOs Seated sleeperhold KOs Choke w/ leggings KO Over-the-shoulder carries Nerve punches KO Belly punch Frontal sleeperhold KO Neck chop KOs Bearhug KO Sleeperhold w/ masturbation KO Double neck chop KO Bedtime KO pose Derri “air” KO poses Limb checks Spanking De-booting Begging / pleading Caressing / fondling Eye checks Stripping
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