May 032021

Harsh Homewrecking

Harsh Homewrecking
I love fucking with married men. I know I can get even the most devoted man to throw away 20 years of marriage.

Married men are constantly sneaking off to jerk over me. Sometimes even jerking off over me while their wife is in bed next to them, risking their marriage just because I tell them too.

But can I get men who have fathered to stray? Of course I can, look at me. I like the challenge of it though. I could even get them to sneak away from their offspring’s (note: I’m having to use weird words because some words are banned) birthday party to see me.

I would have no trouble getting you to leave your stupid wife and boring offspring penniless.

*This video is a custom request video. Suitable only for those who like harsh homewrecking fantasies.
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