Harmony Wonder – End The Schoolgirl

They had captured a local school girl and had been sexually abusing and molesting her. Good times. The next phase was forced orgasm. They pulled out the magic wand and went to town. She reacting intensely to it, at one point, raining copious amounts of liquid from her pussy. When it was over, she had passed out. Over 12 hours later, she woke up in a dog crate and she sat, and waited for her captures to hopefully set her free. Only they were not ready for that-they were just getting started. They had her crawl across the room and suck them off. It was intense. They both were on her at once. There was always a cock in her mouth and pussy. After multiple positions and making her gag many time either with hand choking, cock or both, they let her alone to contemplate her fate. Later they returned and when she became resistant, they tasered her multiple times until she was ready to comply. On her knees she gave them a life saving blowjob. At least she thought it would be. She did her best, having never given one before except her in captivity
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