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HarleyQuinn Belly Fetish

HarleyQuinn Belly Fetish
You are all tied up and I bet you are wondering why you are here. I want to have fun with you since you looked like a jerk and could use a lesson. What perilous activity could I throw you into?Your eyes keep darting to my belly and I catch on. You must love it when I poke my belly button with my nails. Do you like how flat and taut my tummy is? Crime keeps you trim. I get nice and close and there is nothing you can do.Now that I know your weakness, I can taunt you since your arms are tied. You really shouldn’t tell people your vulnerabilities like that! The look on your face when I stretch my arms up is priceless.
You strain against your ropes to get free as you get more turned on. I get closer just to tease you, and am surprised that you got a hand free. Just because you poked me in the stomach doesn’t mean you got one over on me. Mister J has done way worse…
Wait a minute, what did you do to me? I gasp and convulse as my belly writhes up and down but I’m determined to get through it. Hiccups course through my body and my abs spasm until I lie completely still with my eyes closed. You got the last laugh!
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