Harley Qu1nn 0rigins

Scene One:Meanwhile in Arkham Asylum, Harley Quinn is having a session with her Psychiatrist. He offered her an early release if she captured a Rogue Cop and his sidekick. Harley jumps onto the opportunity and signs the paperwork. The Doctor leaves behind the contract and several weapons for Harley along with the location of the Dirty Cop.Later that day, Harley found the Dirty Cop sleeping and poked him in the chest with a load revolver. The only mistake made by Harley was not watching her back. The Side Kick quickly put her to sleep so they could have fun with her.Scene Two: Double CrossedHarley is introduced as to why the cop was dirty and all of his friends. They take turns violating the helpless bad girl in her mouth, pussy and ass, in no particular order.Scene Three: Lock DownHarley is slapped awake by a hard cock in her ass. He fucks her in multiple positions and finishes in her mouth. Then comes round two with the side kick.Harley is carried away and brought back to the doctor.Scene Four: Return to the AsylumThe Dirty Cop drops Harley on the couch in the middle of Doctor Pervs. office. There was no deal on the table. This was all a sick trick to amuse the doctor and his friends. The twisted Doctor and his friends destroy her pussy and tight ass and throw in double penetration and Ass to Mouth experiences.Scene Five: Mad LoveThe Doctor removes Harley’s restraints to put her in a more comfortable position for them. Each takes turns on her ass, pussy and mouth and then finishes up with a warm blast of jizz to her mouth. Final exhausted, Harley as the three walk away confident of their conquest…Then a strange figure approaches Harley, he reaches out to help and asks her to join his team. She likes this and leaves with a grin on her face…***Contains DP, ass to mouth, anal and Cum Swallowing***
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