Hahnny Quinns Batty Brain Drain

Clip Includes: Superheroines, Batgirl Parody, Cosplay, Perils, Special FX, Batgurl, Robin, Hahnny Quinn, Costume, Stuck Fetish, Gassing, Frozen, Paralyzing Gas, Eye Crossing, Eye Rolling, Blank Stares, Body Pans, Debooted (offscreen), Pantyhose Feet, Toe Curling, Brain Draining, Electrocuted, Lobotomized, Identity Theft, Uniform Stealing, Costume Switching, Trading Places, Transformation, Bondage, Ludella Hahn, Nyxon, Contains NO NUDITYHahnny Quinn has stolen weapons grade plutonium, making her a dangerous threat, but luckily Batgurl has received a tip on her whereabouts. She brings Robin along to help her out with capturing Hahnny Quinn. They enter the house and look around but find nothing, but then a video monitor drops down and Harley appears on the screen. She tells the two heroines they need to STICK around for awhile. Batgirl and Robin find their feet are stuck to the floor and they can’t move as gas starts to fill the room. The heroines struggle as Harley giggles and tells them to enjoy the paralyzing gas. The heroines struggle but are soon frozen in place. The camera pans over their FROZEN bodies with Wide Eyed Frozen Faces. The heroines awake when the gas wears off to find that they laying on two medical tables and their belts and boots have been removed. They are not tied to the tables but there are electrodes attached to their chests and temples. Their legs are together and their arms are at their sides. They begin to stir when Harley appears on screen and tells them not to move around to much. There are sensors in the tables and if either heroine tries to get up from the table the other heroine will receive an electrical shock to their chest stopping her heart. “I call it Harley’s Heart Stopper. It’s new. It’s a thing I’ve been working on…” She laughs. So if either heroine tries to get up she will her partner and friend. Harley tells them that when she activates the tables they will get colder & colder and drain all of the body heat from the helpless heroines, eventually freezing them solid. The heroines are aghast at Harley’s devious plan, but Harley explains that there is a third option. By each heroines hand is a button that if pressed will send the electrical shock to their head lobotomizing her, BUT it will also disable the tables and the other heroine can go free. So the heroines are left with three choices, lay there and freeze to , one can get up but that would doom the other heroine or press the button and scramble her mind but allow the other heroine to escape. Harley is thrilled with really enjoying the situation she has left the heroines in. She activates the freezing tables and then bids them farewell.Batgirl and Robin left to themselves struggle with what to do. Though they are unsure that those are the only options, neither dares to move. Harley is highly unstable and the only thing they can be certain of is that one of them will meet their end. Batgurl racks her brain trying to think of another option, but soon both heroines feel the cold all way to their bones. They are shivering and their teeth are chattering. Finally Robin decides she can’t take it anymore and is going to press the button. She’ll sacrifice herself to save Batgirl. Batgirl pleads with Robin to not do it, but in spite of her pleas and confidence that their must be another way, Robin presses the button and is jolted with electricity. Robin lays there with a blank look on her face. It pains Batgirl to see her friend sacrifice herself and she vows to get revenge on Harley but when she tries to move she finds that she is stuck to the table. “She lied! I can’t get off the table!” Harley is back on the screen, she tells Batgirl that she sort of lied about releasing the other heroine–in fact it actually speeds up the freezing process. So, instead of saving Batgirl, Robin’s sacrifice only seems to have hastened her doom. Batgirl is furious that her friend sacrificed herself for no reason, and she struggles for some time but the cold becomes too much and all seems lost as her eyes flutter and cross and everything goes black.When Batgirl awakens, she is suprised to be alive. She’s bound in a chair and there is a device one her head with wires coming out. As Batgirl tries to get her senses, she realizes that something doesn’t seem right. Things finally come into focus and she finds that she’s dressed and made up like Harley Quinn! She notices Robin is sitting propped up against the wall, she’s sill in her own costume, but her face is made up like Harley Quinn. “What is going on here?” Harley comes on the video screen, and she’s dressed as Batgirl! Harley explains why all this was necessary, the whole table experience was just for fun, the wires on their chests weren’t attached to anything and the tables would never have gotten cold enough to do any real damage. “I just wanted to trick on of you pesky heroines to eliminate herself. It all worked perfectly! Robin has lost her mind and youl are about to meet a similar fate. It’s all part of my perfect plan! There was no way I’d be left alone with this plutonium in my possession, but if I make it appear as if Harley Quinn has met her end then I’m home free, Babsy baby!””Your plan is downright psychotic,” Batgurl admonishes. “It’s perfect, huh!” Harley explains how this will play out, Robin has just enough brain cells left to recognize Harley is a threat. But not enough to realize the woman in the chair is really Batgirl. “All I have to do is get Robin to plug in the chair and it’s the end of you, Batgurl! Then, I just have to call the authorities and tell them the story about how Robin and I tracked down Harley but she captured Robin and I arrived too late to save Robin’s brain and in the ensuing struggle Harley, that’s you, also had her mind destroyed. You, Batgirl, will get to spend the rest of your days in the asylum for the criminally insane. Fun, huh?” Batgirl is horrified, but between the paralyzing gas and the freezing table, she has very little strength and can barely struggle against her binds. The only hope she has is for Robin to recognize that she’s the real Batgirl.Harley calls to Robin, who slowly wakes up and groggily responds, Harley tells Robin that she has to plug in the helmet. It’s the only chance they have to stop “Harley Quinn”. Robin musters what little senses she has left and finds the plug.”Yes, Batgirl…” She sleepily responds. “No, No, Robin! That’s not Batgurl. I’m Batgirl! Robin, no!” Batgirl pleads with Robin the whole time but Robin is oblivious to all this, and she plugs the helmet in, jolting the real Batgurl into oblivion. Robin slumps back asleep, unaware of the damage she has done, and Harley calls the Commissioner, doing her best Batgirl impersonation. No one knows the wiser. She leaves Batgurl (still dressed as Harley) and Robin sitting on the floor, backs against the wall, mindless stares on their faces, and makes her escape.Is this the end of Batgurl and Robin? Will they be braindead forever?*This was a CUSTOM COMMISSION. Create your own custom video clip by filling out the form at LudellaHahnFetish.comYou might be interested in some of my other Batgurl Peril episodes:Ludella Hahn Batgurl and the Mind Control Cowl – Gassed and Made into Roboto’s SlaveBat Man Gets BANGed by Brainwashed BatgurlHahnny Quinn’s Brainwashed BatBatgurl Trapped in Hahnny’s House of HorrorsThe Jokester’s New Trick: Brainwashed Batgirl
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