Jun 222022

Starring Sablique Von Lux and Indica Jane

Agent 5 (Sablique Von Lux) is in over her head. When she first came to work at the agency, she was assured that she’d never be expected to conduct field work. After all, she’s a Tech Agent, more suited to posh office spaces than the rigors of combat. But when a mysterious hacker takes control of her device, Agent 5 is subjected to a rapid series of mind controlling flashes. She hasn’t received her Resistance Training yet. She doesn’t have a prayer.

Obeying her new Overlord’s command, Agent 5 summons another of the Tech Agents, the infamous Nerdette (Indica Jane). Using a variety of devices, Agent 5 renders Nerdette into a mindless servant, commanding her to strip naked. Even though her mind is mostly suppressed, Agent 5’s vicious streak can be seen as she toys with her victim.

But Nerdette is no slouch. Will she be able to break free, and safe both the young agents?

This movie contains flash effect mesmerize, drink KO, syringe KO, mesmerize with strip commands, mesmerize with freeze commands, sleeping gas KO,

Fireman’s carry, rag dolling, limp limb manipulation
tags:superheroines fetish,superheroine porn,humiliation,superheroines adult movies,fantasy,lezdom,lesbian domination,catfight,submission

Duration: 00:15:37 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: MPEG-4 Size: 1.65 GB

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