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Guide to Being a Housewife

Guide to Being a Housewife
Feminization, Sissification
You want to know how to be a wonderful house wife? You want to cater to your man and make sure he is always happy. A happy man will stick by your side and treat you right. He will provide for you and satisfy you. You need to satisfy him on your own or he will find it else where. You can’t always just suck and fuck him and that does it. They want to be treated as the best person ever, so strong and useful. You need to show him these things. You’ll prepare him a bath and a drink. You’ll make him his favorite dinners. You will dress sexy enough to make him proud to have you and know that it makes other men envious, but not so sexy that people think you are a slut. He will want you to be a slut in the bedroom, but you need to be just the right amount of sexy. You want to keep your man? You had better do it right.
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