Mar 052022

After the untimely demise of heroine Venture, the Guardians of Justice are ready to announce their replacement for the renowned heroine in Star (Mckenzie). The virtuous newcomer. Star joins veteran team captains Shadow (Lucy Westenra) and Blaze (Ariana Rogue) to round out the teams powerset. Unfortunately, it isn’t long before Stars new compatriots are found complicit in some heinous crimes of their own, and the plucky heroine with a heart of gold is forced to confront them. What follows is a tremendous battle of ethics and dominance, and with the deck stacked so thoroughly against the young hero, it is uncertain she will be able to meet the challenge. See how this brutal story unfolds in: “The Guardians of Justice.”
-Innocence-Betrayal-Light Drinking-Many Special Effects.-Murder Most Foul-Lots of Dialogue-Combat-Strong (At first) Heroine-Depowering-Face/Belly/Low Blows-Overpowering-Beatdown-Choking-Stepping On-Molestation-Don’t Shout, Tits Out-Multiple Strap-Ons-Intense Femdomme Boot Worship/Licking-Forced Sim Sex in Multiple Positions-Gagged with Cape-Submission-Forced Oral in Both Directions- Humiliation – Whipping Bloody-Brief Crawling-Forced Orgasms-Brief Spitroasting-Suggestively Fatal Ending
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