GTRL-41 Infernal Female Fighter Dark Dyna Lady

Rino Mizushiro,Miina Kuboduka,Emi Haruna,Rina Utimura
A mission of Dyna Woman is beating Dark Dyna Lady although Dyna Woman treated her as if she is a younger sister, before Dark Dyna Lady betrayed and became an evil fighter. However Dark Dyna Lady deprives Dyna Woman’s fiancé, justice hero “Spider Knight,” and tortures him for tormenting Dyna Woman. Dyna Woman is trapped and captured by Dark Dyna Lady. Then “Spider Knight” appears before Dyna Woman, erecting his penis. Dark Dyna Lady clones herself with evil power and disgraces “Spider Knight.” He has already trained and now he can’t live without sensual pleasures. He is completely fallen to the dark side. However Dyna Woman’s fury is very strong and it exceeds evil power. Dark Dyna Lady laughs loudly and she forces “Spider Knight” to kneel down on the ground. The battle to punish Dark Dyna Lady and her clone Dark Ladies is started! [BAD END]
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