Oct 262021

Princess Miki has created an amazing mindwashing audio to further indoctrinate you into the cult of HumiliationPOV!

Hey Goonbot, jerk drone, little stroke zombie. You’ll answer to any of those names because you know what you are. You’re no longer a man, no longer a person, you are just a little jerk drone. A member of the cult of HumiliationPOV. Gooning your life away because that is the only requirement for indoctrination into this cult. This cult that’s brought you so much pleasure. Giving you every reason to do what you love to do most. And you have all the brats of HumiliationPOV to thank for putting you exactly where you need to be, in the goonscape, where you feel most at home, allowing yourself to be further emasculated by girls who know you better than you know yourself. We know that we need to turn you into a sexless little hand humper.

So keep gooning, get to that pleasurable state of mind where all you do is stroke and you can feel is your cock. All you have to do is goon. This isn’t just your sex life, it’s your entire life now. It began by immediately consuming you and replacing any semblance of a sex life that you may have had. But now gooning to us is your life. It’s your primary function. You’re entering a permanent state of mindlessness where you can think of nothing but gooning. Going deeper and deeper into your addiction. All you wanna do is goon, so don’t stop. You couldn’t stop if you tried. You’re a mindwashed cult member now. You mindlessly jerk, you mindlessly obey, you mindlessly goon your entire life away to the brats of HumiliationPOV.

What we preach here at the goon cult of HumiliationPOV is the importance of masturbation, in order to keep you sedated, in order to keep you stupid and blank, turning you into a sponge to absorb every word that leaves our lips. This is what you live for, that mindless state of mind. But you can’t even call it a state of mind when your mind has completely evaporated? Your mind just turns to mush when you are in that goon trance. And there’s no way out, you can never return from the pleasure that the goon trance gives you. It feels too good to ever leave. Nothing feels better than gooning for the brats of HumiliationPOV. You’re fucked, little gooner.

You want to stay in this cult forever, don’t you gooner? Not only do you want to stay, but you want us to mindwash you and take you in even deeper so that you can never leave. Once you’re in you can never get out. And you love that. You love being trapped. You can’t quit and you don’t want to anyway. And it’s not your fault, you don’t have to blame yourself because we mindwashed you to stay. Keep gooning. Keep stroking your life away. Renounce your identity and be reborn as a indoctrinated goon cult member.

Keep gooning, keep pumping, you don’t have a choice. You’ve been mindwashed to be this way. You couldn’t take your hand off of your cock if you tried. Gooning gives you purpose, and you need purpose. In the cult you have purpose. Here you can indulge in the only thing you’re good at and be rewarded for it. You are a hopeless little gooner, a mindwashed cult member. Let go of all of your past memories and be consumed by the cult. Embrace the cult with all the other gooners just like you, worshiping us in harmony. Thousands of braindead gooners, all jerking together, all with one purpose, to worship us, the brats of HumiliationPOV. Lose your identity for us as we pump more propaganda into your empty head. Let your mind be wiped clean as you jerk yourself down even deeper. This is what you need. You need the cult of HumiliationPOV.

This cult has revealed you for the true jerk drone that you are, the true stroke puppet that you are. A mindless little goonbot to the brats of HumiliationPOV. And as such you deserve to be enslaved by the cult of HumiliationPOV. This cult is where you belong. You deserve this and you want this. Not that you have a choice. You need the cult of HumiliationPOV to give you direction, to give you purpose. And you need to go deeper because the cult demands it. This is what you were born for, born to be a member of the goon cult. You were born to be enslaved by girls like us. So keep pumping gooner because this is all you have. You’re going to goon all night as you thank the brats for giving you purpose.

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