Nov 252021

Yuma Miyazaki,Nozomi Haduki,Nao Morishita,Toru Sakata
Among members of Saint-Light Fighting Unit named Spark-Five, especially, two female fighters Pink and Blue are tied with strong link. Owing to outstanding activity of the two girls, precious lives are being saved, and an evil organization called Dark-Chaos cannot take the next step of the Combatant-Augmentation Plan. But, the evil cadre named Death-King plots fearless strategy that would brainwash both Spark-Pink and Spark-Blue into their female combatants. At first, Death-King plans to abduct Pink who is known as a fighter of healing, but he succeeds in abducting Spark-Blue known as a fighter of a swan who always shields Pink and makes him difficult to abduct Spark-Pink. Now, Death-King begins lawless tease, and pays back resentment of long standing against the strongest female fighter Spark-Blue who is under restraint. And on the other hand, right in front of Pink who is worrying about Blue, again combatants of Dark-Chaos appear and attack her. Pink never loses a fight against just combatants, but when she beats one female combatant, she feels a visage of Soya Aoba who is Spark-Blue, so she takes off the mask, and she finds former Spark-Blue who is totally changed. ‘Why did you become their combatant!?’ Pink (Yuki Momoka) strongly questions Soya who is used to be Spark-Blue. Soya traces shameful experience of horrifying torture and brainwashing, and tells Yoki who is Pink… ‘Oh, please… I don’t want to hear a story like that! Once again, as a member of Spark-Five, let’s fight against Dark-Chaos!’ Pink desperately persuades the former Spark-Blue, but the female combatant tries to drag Pink into the evil world… [BAD END]
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