GOMK-34 Righteous Otaku Force Tera Ranger

Mikuni Maisaki,Yui Aikawa
Hinako, an enthusiastic follower of anime Manga and GIGA Heroines, happens to be scouted by the Terra Rangers just by chance. As Terra Pink, Hinako sets out to fighting the cosmic outlaws who took over GIGA. She falls in love with Terra Blue, a cool, handsome boy, who also falls for her in a platonic love. Terra Blue, hit hard between the groins while fighting with his enemies, gets captured. Terra Pink is also caught and screwed. While getting screwed, fangirl beauty Himeko keeps demanding funny things… Pink is getting disgraced by the enemy, and Blue gets molested on his dick and the anal. Pink and brainwashed Blue are having sex together… Fixtures in a series of risqué happenings follow in the snafu development… [Bad ending?]
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