Goddess Valeria – My wastebasket for Skin and Nails from Feet

A slave’s job is to tend to my every need. That includes washing my body. I have my slave girl wash down my feet and legs in the shower to prepare for a pedicure. Instead of using a towel to dry my feet, the slut must use her tongue to dry them off. My feet were a little smelly, which was more funny for me, but not so much for the slave. It’s time for the pedicure. Get on the floor slave. A Goddess does not need a wastebasket for my foot dust and skin when I can use a slaves mouth for that. Keep your mouth open slave. I want it all on you. I file my feet above the sluts face so that she can catch it all on her face and in her mouth. Next I do my toenails and put them in her mouth to swallow. Let me see your tongue slave. I want you to swallow all of it. That’s a good wastebasket. In the end I have her lick what ever foot dust is left on my feet to clean them. Slaves sure do make the best wastebaskets.
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