Dec 272020

Goddess Jasper – Costume For Cum Dump (1080p)

Goddess Jasper – Costume For Cum Dump (1080p)
Thanks so much for letting me pick out our costumes this year, babe! I’ll be a hot Domme rabbit, and you’ll be a sissy whore. I picked out the perfect shiny lingerie, lipstick, and plug- Yes, butt plug.. For you, of course. You’re going to look so hot, I’ll bet my new friend can’t wait to smear the pink from those DSL’s. You’d better start getting dressed, we wouldn’t want to keep him waiting.. He’s ready to reenact every depraved fantasy you’ve written. Why are you so nervous? Is that hole only good for talking, or can you pussy-up and take this cock? Oh, poor thing; you’ve no idea what I know.. Your secret email? I found everything. And unless you want that out, you’ll only be taking cock for me from now on. Happy Halloween.
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Duration: 00:19:34 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: MPEG-4 Size: 1.16 GB

Download – Goddess_Jasper_-_Costume_For_Cum_Dump_1080p.mp4

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