Goddess Jasmine – The Power Of My Ass

My bank balance is proof of just how powerful my ass. Whenever I do an ass clip, I have slaves, subs falling over themselves to send me money. I even have ‘businessmen’ making excuses to work for me & so called ‘vanilla’ boys trying to find excuses 2 pay me without ‘coming out of the closet’.
Some slaves tell me its because my big, superior, perfect ass makes them draw comparison to their own inferior or beta body, or their tiny, inadequate dick. Some slaves says its the shiny material or hot pants around my perfect cheeks that ruins their resistance and makes them want to pay. But whatever it is, pay u all do.
And its power on screen is only a small portion of its power in real life. Should you ever be wealthy enough to kneel before it in real life, just one sniff on my ass crack or kiss of my butt cheek would have you pleading with me to take everything.
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