Goddess Humiliates Islam & Mindfucks you

This quran is so sacred to you, isn’t it? You revere it. The way you should be revering your one and only Goddess. This dispelases Me. I’ll show you how much it displeases Me, while I trample your holy book beneath My high heels. Not only do I crush it with My holy feet, I rip the meaningless pages apart. Oh, is this blasphemy? Watch closely. Watch My sexy feet and hands destroy the dumb book you love and fear so much. You know where these stupid writings belong. Beneath My feet, and of course in My asshole, all over my pussy and tits. Then, you get a sexy and imformative lesson from Me about the afterlife. I will teach you what the quran should have, but doesn’t. I know you are confused, and searching for answers. This topic makes religious people very excited, angry and livid. So obsessed with it, so afraid. A religion based on controlling you with fear of the unknown. Just like the pagon religions of ancient societies. Lies, control tactics, financial power structure. Who is the real findom? Do you want to truly understand religion? Do you want to understand what the quran really means? Do you want to experience real Worship? Come to Me. I am the only Goddess, I have the only truth, I have the only answers.

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