Jan 312021

Goddess Fiona – Sissification Academy Gender Transform

Goddess Fiona – Sissification Academy Gender Transform
WOW Hubby. JUST. WOW. I can’t even believe I have to tell you this from your clinic bed, considering that you’re COMPLETELY wrapped up with just lips and eyes to show for yourself. You really had to do this? You wanted to be a sissy girl so bad that you just ignored… literally everything I said? UGH! You followed me to my work (at the Sissification Academy) and went behind my back and checked off EVERY. SINGLE. BOX. you possibly could have checked off, to make you the MOST sissified bimbo slut there IS at this Academy. You went full fledged sissy girl. You got giant tits and a huge ass, you got pumped up to the MAX with fillers and botox. You are not the hubby I married anymore… that’s for sure. And now… well now you’re basically PERFECT for your new life purpose of making REAL MEN CUM. Don’t act so surprised!!! You knew this was coming… you knew it! You brought this on yourself. Now… I guess lets just spend the next 20 minutes discussing EXACTLY what all your procedures entailed, and what your new life is going to be like…. SISSY GIRL.
Sex acts and tags:sissy, sissification, sissy slut, bimbo, bimbofication, plastic surgery, implants, sissy girl, femdom, encouraged gay, nurse fetish

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