Feb 052021

Goddess Amadahy Smothers & Crushes The Non-Believer

Goddess Amadahy Smothers & Crushes The Non-Believer
Raquel roper doubts Godess Amadahy, mocking the fact that she takes sessions, and is in ownership of a number of slaves. She doesn’t understand how anyone could ever be intimidated by her, and makes it clear to her friend the next time Amadahy has to venture out to meet with a sub for a face sitting session. Raquel makes comments about how Amadahy could do nothing with the of her ass with someone her size, which quickly has Amadahy’s mouth forming into a smirk at Raquel’s naive words. Goddess Amadahy doesn’t allow her to go on for much longer before dragging her down onto the floor and ploping down on her face harshly. If she doesn’t think her ass is anything to worry about, she won’t mind the goddess crushing into her face; right? Goddess Amadahy shows Raquel no mercy in this naturally cruel face punishment, full weight smothering pressure into her features until she leaves her breathless.
tags:lezdom fetish,lesbian domination porn,catfight ,submission,humiliation,facesitting

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