Jul 212021

Goddess Alexandra Snow – Step-Mommy’s Lessons Part 1

Goddess Alexandra Snow – Step-Mommy’s Lessons Part 1
Come here my step-son. We need to have a talk. I was looking at your computer last night and a found an alarming amount of tranny porn saved there. Are you nervous? Ive seen your secret little spank bank. Now you know, I wont deal with all this secrecy in my house. I wont stand for it. But you seemed to be obsessed with this porn. Even now your cock is growing hard with me talking about it. Are you some sort of pervert? You need to know that theres no secrecy in my house. Everything that is yours is mine. Including your cock. Including your asshole.
Sex acts and tags: High heels, sissy training, Brunette, Taboo, Gentle femdom, Joi, Mommydomme, Stepmother,anal masturbation instructions

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