Gishi Gishi Purun6: Revealed True Identity! Humiliating Show begins in front of Father

White Eagle is a pure white masked professional wrestling angel who hides her true identity and protects the peace of Hypermedia Academy. An unscrupulous teacher plans to punish a female student by falsely accusing her of stealing test questions. Moeko Shiraishi, also known as White Eagle, was able to prevent this from happening, but she injured her side during the fight. Moeko’s father, who mistakenly believes that Moeko, who hurt her side, is being bullied at school, goes to directly talk to the principal of Hypermedia Academy. However, the school principal, who suspects that Moeko is a White Eagle, captures Moeko’s father. When Moeko learns that her father has been captured, she becomes White Eagle and fights to save her father. White Eagle struggles with a new masked wrestling teacher. Yet another masked professional wrestling teacher appears. White Eagle is forced into a desperate situation at 2vs1. The school principal tries to play with White Eagle’s body while saying “education”…What will be the fate of White Eagle? [BAD ENDING]
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