Giant Monoclinous Heroine – Changing Into A Female Body For A Sex Servant

Azusa Kirihara
The race of light warrior Alias is hermaphrodite. Those with more S-sex hormone in the race are actively enrolled in the cosmic patrols to protect the peace of the universe, fighting the invaders and monsters. The male aliens Mephists and the female aliens Sabbaths, knowing that Alias defending the Earth as cosmic patrols is hermaphrodite, plan to beat Alias by taking advantage of the fact. The plan is a hideous one; womanize Alias and turn him into a sex servant. Alias loses power gradually in fighting Monster Galbo the Mephists has called up but manages somehow to ward off the Monster by the deadly alpha light. Alas, however, the fighting energy is depleted, and Alias is subdued by the Mephists and the Sabbaths. Alias has his penis groped by the Sabbaths’ jerking-off and cock-sucking, ejaculates time and again and gets his S-sex hormone sucked off. Now, with S-sex hormone milked out, Alias secretes more of M-sex hormone in the body, a peculiar trait of a hermaphrodite, which makes his breasts grow bigger. And, with his anus and prostate gland stimulated by the Mephists to force a hard-on, Alias gets the last drop of S-sex hormone sucked away, which turns his proud big dick to shrink to a tiny clit. His shaft, now with only the glans, has a special ring attached at the root, preventing his prick from restoring. Womanized, Alias has his anal pierced time and again by the Mephist’s penis, turning him to a woman physically and mentally as well. Imprisoned in the space ship, Alias has his sensitive parts groped by the Sabbaths, while the Mephists screw him, making him cum many times and spew mother milk from his tits profusely. Awaken to the womanly masochistic pleasure, Alias has now lapsed into a sex servant. Alias is sent to an auction of cosmic servants, bought by the most red-blooded aliens Tentacles in the universe for 100 million Cobols, indulged in sex day in and day out, and planted with many eggs in his womb to bear Tentacles’ children one after another. [Bad ending]
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