Nov 282021

Haruna Ayane
Proud of her metallic costume, Accel Girl protects the Earth from villains. Many admire the superheroine for her attractive looks. But Mad Guild the space pirate returns with Accel Girl’s weakness for revenge. Although Accel Girl though she could easily win again, Mad Guild shoots a bullet made of an Accel Ore! The invincible heroine’s first experience of pain and death. Accel Girl flees but the enemy chases after. After getting assaulted by him, she learns there is no way to defeat him and begs for her life. She is forced to listen to whatever Mad Guild asks for and loses her costume. [BAD END]
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Duration: 00:41:46 Resolution: 856×480 Format: Windows Media Size: 948.88 MB

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Duration: 00:36:17 Resolution: 856×480 Format: Windows Media Size: 790.93 MB

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