GHOV-57 Beautiful Witch Girl Fontaine -Trifled Justice Mind-

Sara Kagami
Fontaine, a magical beautiful girl warrior, rescues a man from a demon. The man called Kosuke Busujima, longs for Fontaine, who rescued him with her dainty appearance, and has lewd fantasies about Fontaine… Busujima wants Fontaine for his sex pet since before, and one day, he got a big chance to make his dreams come true. He takes hidden photos of Fontaine fighting demons. When it looked as if the demons would be defeated, the new ones appear and Fontaine finds herself in a tight spot. Fontaine fights bravely, but the demon takes her body right in front of Busujima… He captures Fontaine’s lasciviousness, and even Fontaine’s true identity on camera, then uses the footage to threat Fontaine…[BAD ENDING]
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