GHKO-94 School Ninja IKARUGA in Grave Danger

Waka Ninomiya,Kyouko Maki
Aqua planet “Aquaria” is a planet which has the most richest sea in the Galaxy. IKARUGA, a leader of Protect Water Union, protects the planet from invader aliens. There is a one who try to fight with her. Her name is GEN-IN-NI, a mysterious nun wandering all over the Galaxy. GEN-IN-NI sends a letter to the mysterious woman Kyoka. She seems to look for something. IKARUGA fights with evils without knowing about them at all. Gears of fate bring IKARUGA and GEN-IN-NI together. IKARUGA makes full use of his ninja art. However GEN-IN-NI’s unknown sorcery overwhelms IKARUGA. She downs to the ground helplessly. His last attack the Ultimate Magic is also defeated. Physical domination and mind torture is started. The sword of GEN-IN-NI, Nenekirimaru slashes IKARUGA’s crotch. The moment the battle seems to finish, GEN-IN-BO, the man that even GEN-IN-NI afraid of him, appears before them. GEN-IN-BO toys IKARUGA although she has already lost her fighting spirit. IKARUGA leaks out his body fluid from all holes over her body. However real “Hell” for her is just coming. What is happen to School Ninja IKARUGA!!? [DEAD END]
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