A Cosplay Parody. After getting a tip from an informant, Spider Girl(sexy Bella Ink) arrives to find Indian Fork Tongue. She questions him about what he’s doing in that particular house. She saw lots of gas cans in the yard. Fork Tongue tells her he’s innocent but our Heroine doesn’t believe him. Fork Tongue has back up. A BAD GUY USING A BLOWDART, PUTS A REST DART IN HER TIGHT ASS. Now the 2 bad guys pick her up & carry her away. Fork Tongue needs to keep her busy, while his men prepare the house for destruction. SHE IS HOGTIED, FONDLED & TICKLED(Its well known on the internet, how ticklish Bella Ink is and her laugh is sexy, as four hands roam all over her, drive her crazy with laughter) Fork Tongue tells her his plan. To him, she is a nuisance, like another household pest, HE NEEDS TO GET RID OF HER. First they apply a cloth, as they strip her naked out of her costume. Fork Tongue’s totem pole is hard & he’s going to give it to her. Now they take turns banging her hot body(implied) The Villain is up to his old tricks. Over insuring a property, then burning it to the ground, to collect the insurance money. This time he can get rid of Spider Girl, as well. Placing a soaked cloth over her face to keep her tired. ADDING A TIME BOMB ONTO HER SEXY BODY. No one wants insects in their house. The fire & the bomb, should destroy all the evidence. Spidey looks totally helpless, nude & vulnerable. HOW WILL SHE ESCAPE THIS???
Keywords: sent to dreamland, fondling, rest darted, 2 men carry heroine, time bomb peril, 5 min cttf peril, struggling.
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