GBTB-04 Handsome Boy Hero Surrender Blaze Fighter Flame Red

Mai Miori,Miori Hara
Science Defence Force Flame Five is organized to protect the Earth From evil organization Infernars. Rei Shiou, Flame Red the leader of Flame Five, can’t accept disappearance of his lover Alice. Meanwhile, he sees the woman who resemble Alice in the town. He assures that she is Alice, and takes after and calls her. However Alice doesn’t remember Rei. Alice has captured by Infernars and brainwashed to become female cadre Serene, Earth Attack Leader. Alice attacks Rei just after notice Rei is Flame Red. Rei isn’t able to attack Alice because he doesn’t want to hurt her. Finally Rei can’t avoid her attack and transform into Flame Red. But Rei can’t attack her after all.[BAD END]
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