Mistress Godiva brings her slave, who she calls Porcina some dessert and to make sure she ate her lunch. Porcina begs and pleads that she can’t possibly eat any more but Mistress Godiva threatens her with violence and stuffs the rich cake in her mouth, piece by piece. Godiva inspects her slave’s gain progress, and we learn that Mistress has been fattening her slave for 6 months, in which time her slave was locked in the cage unable to escape, f***ed to eat massive meals multiple times a day. ***r Porcina used to weigh 110 lbs but now she is 200 lbs! Godiva squeezes her belly fat and inspects her fat legs and ass, thinking that maybe she is fat *enough*. She allows her slave to awkwardly crawl out of the cage, muscles rather atrophied from her long captivity. Now that her slave is out, Godiva can thoroughly inspect her progress, referring to her slave in food terms, legs like hamhocks that could feed an army, and so on. Porcina readily agrees, hoping to not be f***e fed and caged any longer. Godiva makes her slave get on all fours, and shoves an apple in her mouth, making her a little piggy. Godiva says she looks good enough to eat, and now her slave is frightened that this is the whole purpose of her fattening. Mistress straps on a huge BBC and porks her fat slave, squeezing her belly and enjoying the view of her big fat ass and cellulite-covered thighs. She enjoys her slave so much that she comes hard while she fucks her. Now that the excitement is over, Godiva realizes that her slave isn’t fat enough, so back in the cage ***r Porcina goes, to finish her dessert and wait for another 6 months, to gain another 100 lbs….
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