May 232022

Dominic and Kira were very keen on Isabella ‘s initiation into a slave and today they have prepared another test for her ! The girls specially scattered a lot of dirt on the floor , which Isabella had to lick and eat from their feet and floor , they watched with a smile on their face as Isabella humiliated herself and fulfilled all their whims , Kira added ashes to Isabella ‘s mouth , and Dominic slapped her face and body so that Isabella tried and served her housewives at the highest level ! Of course , the girls did not leave Isabella without worshipping their feet , they stuffed their dirty feet into her mouth as deep as possible ! Then they laid Isabella on the dirty floor and started jumping on her listening to her pitiful moans , but this was not enough for them and they decided to spank her pussy with a whip , lowering her panties!
tags:lezdom fetish,lesbian domination porn,submission ,humiliation,foot licking,feet worship,slavegirl,slavery

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