May 222022


The return of industry darling Coco comes in hot and loud with an action packed and incredibly hot film that finds Starwave (Coco) answering an alarm set off at one of Dr. Skullion’s old warehouses. Inside she finds two opportunistic lowlifes out for a quick profit. Jet (Lucy Westenra) and Brodrick (Rock) are impressively outmatched until our jaw dropping heroine accidentally activates one of the old computer systems. The resulting frequency plays havok with her powers and gives her opponents an edge she may well not survive!

Part one of this two part story features a brawl like only Coco can deliver, and punishment like only Coco can take.

*Important Producer Note!*
Our camera mic died during the filming of this movie and we lost about thirty seconds near the front, and a short segment partway through is hit with a bit of static. We’re very sorry about this, and did our best to remedy the issues with sound editing, dubbing, and subtitles where necessary. This issue is small but we wanted to point it out all the same!
Content -Industry Legend!-Overpowered Heroine at Start-Depowering-2 v 1-Several Bear Hugs-Many Knockdowns-Lots of Grappling-Face and Body Punches/Kicks-Tummy Punches-Several Lifts-Beatdowns-Stretching-Weapon Assaults-MANY Low Blows-Choking-Back Breaker-Crawling-Groping-Struggling-Brief Nudity-Forced Sim Sex-Several Orgasms-Forced Oral (Multiple Types and Messy!)-Taunting/Humiliation
tags:superheroine porn,superheroines fetish,humiliation,superheroines adult movies,fantasy,lezdom,lesbian domination,catfight,strapon sex,couple domination,supergirl,wonder woman,forced sex,catwoman

Duration: 00:23:30 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: MPEG-4 Size: 1.72 GB

Download or WATCH ONLINE – Frequency1_Pt1.mp4

Duration: 00:22:59 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: MPEG-4 Size: 1.71 GB

Download or WATCH ONLINE – Frequency1_Pt2.mp4

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