WET AND WILD, they say oil and water don’t mix but we are here to prove that adage wrong, these hot babes pour tons of water and bottles of oil all over each other and it all mixes fabulously. But that old adage about blondes and brunettes not getting along, well that one proves true. Francesca Le does not like Angela Sommers and plans on destroying her in every possible way, and I do mean every way because this is not just a regular fight but a sex fight, each is trying to make the other come the most and they use every trick in the book, all the holds that allow them to sink their fingers deep into the water and oil drenched pussies, or hang them from the ropes so they can plunge their wet tongues in deep for stimulation (my favorite, legs spread across corner ropes leaving her victim helpless with a great target for that tongue to explore and enjoy her vulnerable feminine area) – and of course adding the water and oil is the best touch of all, their bodies slide across each other, making the tribbing some of the best ever. THREE SEPARATE SESSIONS, each distinguished by new clothes that have to be stripped, first we have long evening gowns, so much fun watching these get drenched, next we have long skirts and blouses with nylons and finally we have shorter skirts, with nylons and colorful bras and panties. So much fun each time watching them get drenched and stripped then forced to orgasm, they keep score as each gets her turn, Scissors, camel clutches, corner work and rope tie ups, all used to secure a good position to force her foe to orgasm. They kiss, rub breasts then go for that wet center as they stroke, finger and tongue those wet vaginas – may favorite is when a beautiful breast is rubbed on the outside then rammed inside that oil slicked pussie. All there are different, each with its own unique holds and orgasms, each with its own clothes and style, but all with intense action and ultimate orgasms — all there are most definitely — WET AND WILD !!!!!!
tags:catfight,lesbian domination,lezdom,female wrestling,Scissors,humiliation,submission,female fighting,ring wrestling,facesitting,pussy fingering,pussy licking

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