Fl@sh F@ils

MilesBane is pacing in his lair, waiting. He hears a noise and the Flash is whipping through the room. Turns out this was just a trap to lure the Flash to his hideout and his laser weapon zaps her and knocks her out.She wakes up, shackled with her hands above her head, her super speed is still active but she cant get out. Bane proceeds to tickle her mercilessly all over her body. He removes one of her leather boots and the sock underneath to tickle her dainty feet.Bane fetches a vibrator next and rubs the Flashs pussy with its power. The Flash cannot resist, despite the intense pleasure shes feeling.He remove the shackles and lays her on a mattress. He grabs her hips and shoves his massive, throbbing, villainous cock into her tight suppress.He flips her on her back and continues pounding her until he fills her with his hot, evil cum.Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Superheroine, Bane, The Flash, Laser Weapon, Speed, Shackles, Bound, Tickling, Leather Boots, Feet Tickling, Forced Orgasm, Vibrator, Doggystyle, Dungeon, Lair, Creampie, Cumming
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