Dec 272020

Flame Jade – Cosplayer girl fucks a fan on the party

Flame Jade – Cosplayer girl fucks a fan on the party
We both made it to big fun party and after some time you found me on one of the empty rooms. I did not expect to stay alone with you though I always wanted to. As we talk, I decide to use a situation and tell you that I was thinking about you a lot and I was always into you. Maybe, we should get to know each other, since we are here? I am shy but I tease you a bit with my cosplay. I love how you staring at me and it turns me on so I decide to go ahead and show you some more of me. I see you are getting hard under your pants so I ask you to show me. Wow! So big and so hard already! I ask you if you want me to wrap my lips around your hard cock and you let me. I suck you and it makes me feel super wet, I can’t help myself and I ask you to fuck me! Finally I can tell you that I want you to cum inside my pussy and breed me because I’ve been dreaming about this so long! your dick feels so good inside me, I keep talking dirty as you fuck me. After all, when you fuck me in several poses I make you to cum inside me and now I think most likely I am pregnant. But if not, I am going to be back and fuck you some more time again
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