Feline in “Almost Got ‘Im”

Feline is on the prowl to steal the valuable Maharaja diamonds. Unfortunately for our curvy heroine, it’s a nefarious plan by the Trickster to capture her for criminal mob boss Joe Falcone. Unfortunately for the Trickster, she’s not going to be an easy catch. Trickster get’s quite a beatdown from the Feline until he resorts to his underhanded tricks which include knockout gas, sleep injection, and old reliable chloroform. Will Feline succeed in beating the Trickster or will he succeed in transporting an unconscious Feline to Falcone? Find out in this latest release.

This video features a male/female fighting, chloroform KO, injection KO, sleep gas, over the shoulder carries, unmasking, butt spanking, and limp play.
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Duration: 00:14:19 Resolution: 1440×1080 Format: MPEG-4 Size: 651.77 MB

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