Fallen Angel Vallnarga: Hero Corruption

Mitsuki Nagisa
In the past, one of the members of Legenmirror, Blue Fenrir/ Ryo Aoi, got captured by the Yugoath empire and brainwashed. Now, she called Vallnarga, the fallen angel of destruction, she is a sentinel of evil. Vallnarga turns to Earth’s other squadron teams for further strength. When Vallnarga encounters Ryuseijers in battle, she takes on the form of Blue Fenrir and joins them as they approach. As expected, Vallnarga approaches Red, Yellow, and Green, respectively, and uses the woman’s sex appeal to make a handful of them. Vallnarga has gained even more power by absorbing the spirit of the three Ryuseijier warriors, then she was transformed into an emissary of terrible destruction and despair…! [Female cadre’s HAPPY ENDING]
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