Fallen Angel: The Darkest Place – Part 2, starring Alicia C. Moon

Superiorgirl’s (Alicia C. Moon) torment continues as the finds herself at the mercy of Lena and her diabolical punishment chamber. With her limbs bound and Krypto-probe inserted in her pussy, Superiorgirl is powerless to resist as Lena torments her with both pleasure and pain using the Punishment Chamber’s various features, testing just how much Superiorgirl’s mind and body can take before she finally breaks.

Lena pushes her Superiorgirl’s healing abilities to the limit, submitting the Maid of Might to increasingly severe punishments for her own sadistic pleasure.

​To be concluded in Part 3!

​Contains: Bondage Tower w/ REAL DILDO INSERTION, Power Dampening, Electric Torture, Cold Torture, Feet Torture, Breast Torture, Oxygen Deprivation Torture, Low Blow, Face Hits, Stomach Kicks, Green-K Peril, Inner Voice, Groping, Sim-Oral with Green K strap-on, G/G Sim-Sex with strap-on, Shooting Squad, Explosive Ending
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