Mar 252020

Face Your Fears

Face Your Fears
Starring: Maya Kendrick, Dana DeArmond, Steve Holmes
Twisted Therapist Manipulates Girl Into Public Strap-On DP To Overcome Her Fears
SCENE OPENS to Ella (Maya Kendrick) having a nervous breakdown in front of her therapist (Dana DeArmond). The therapist is not impressed with Ella’s behavior and with how little progress they’ve made during their sessions. She has tried everything but Ella isn’t responding and doesn’t really seem to be TRYING to get better.
Ella is terrified of the outside world and spends her days in a dark room all alone. She has crippling social anxiety and falls apart at the drop of a hat. She’s convinced that if she goes outside, someone will make a pass at her. She’s so afraid of being put on the spot, of experiencing anything vaguely sexual, that she chooses to shut herself away to avoid it altogether.
But the therapist has had enough. If Ella’s shutting herself away just to avoid a little bit of sexual humiliation, then it’s time to bite the bullet. Once she gets Ella to trust her and surrender to her, it’s time to go.
A short time later, Ella is horrified as she’s brought into a rowdy nightclub. The therapist convinces her that the only way she’ll get over her fear of public sexual humiliation is to face it!
Surrounded by hungry, rowdy, masked people, Ella meekly gives herself to the therapist and the therapist’s awaiting husband. Is this REALLY going to cure her or has the therapist finally snapped?
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