Executing Olive

Olive is being held against her will. She curses and insults her capture threatening consequences, etc. She will not cooperate. He takes her out of the cell, ties her to a post, blindfolds her. He offers to go easy on her if she will suck his cock and fuck him. She refuses. He shoots her in the belly. She is in agony, but soon after, he shoots her in her right breast. This knocks the fight out of her. She slowly slides down the pole. She is still alive, but gravely wounded. Now, he can get what he wants from her. He slowly fucks her mouth with his cock. When he finally ties of this, he unties her, and puts her on an old mattress. As she moans in pain, he fuck her dying body. But she continues to live as he fucks her. She asks for him to kill her, but he takes his time, not wanting to give her the satisfaction of a quick death. Finally, when he is ready, he aims his pistol toward her side-shooting into her ribs, chest and out the other side. Her body arches for a moment as all her muscles tense, then she relaxes and dies. He continues to fuck her dead body for a while until he finally pulls out and cums on her belly. He takes her to the post, poses her there before leaving.
Strangle, Death Fetish, Peachy Keen Films, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging
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