Exam1ned & Def1led – Part 1

Wonder Kithos goes off to investigate the last known whereabouts of Professor Pitfall. After seeing a man who looks familiar walk into a house, she quickly follows him inside. Little does she know that upon entering the house as Wonder Kithos, she is recognized and followed by a female in a lab coat. As Wonder Kithos enters the house she is taken out from behind with a cloth and slumps to the ground. She awakens in a haze and sees herself strapped to an examination table. Shes quickly injected with a paralyzing agent and .

Wonder Kithos awakes again to find the female in the lab coat standing over her with a syringe. She begins questioning Wonder Kithos about why she was following her mentor. Back and forth goes on and Wonder Kithos gives up nothing. Dr. Firebush Foster inserts the syringe into Wonder Kithos arms and legs, immobilizing her, and then begins the interrogation. Each question Wonder Kithos refuses to answer, an article of her uniform is removed. Pieces of clothing is yanked down: Power bracelets, boots, corset opened, shorts, and tights ripped open. What will become of Wonder Kithos!?
This clip is for lovers of Wonder Woman parodies, plot and story, BDSM, sex and peril, and non-stop peril action. Features FULL NUDE w/closeups and costume intact, girl/girl interrogation/fondling, tape bondage restraints, foot worship, foot fetish, medical fetish, sleepytimefuntime, k-0, de-booting, peril, spandex, corsets, pantyhose, and clothing destruction.
Related Categories: BONDAGE, MEDICAL FETISH, ELECTRIC PLAY, PANTYHOSE/STOCKINGS, FOOT WORSHIP Keywords: wonder kithos, struggle, domination, submissive heroines, damsel in distress, captures, helpless damsels, ballgags, chrissy daniels, wonder woman, superheroine forced orgas, wonder woman, wunder woman, foot worship
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