Nov 012020

evolvedfightslez Serene Siren, Jenevieve Hexxx

evolvedfightslez Serene Siren, Jenevieve Hexxx
Both of these fine female sexual athletes are undefeated so far. Serene had an impressive debut on our Lesbian edition MILF tournament where she completely dominated muscle babe, Brandi Mae and Endurance Athlete “Iron Woman” Sofie Marie. Today, Serene is going to have her hands full with the sexual aggression from Jenevieve Hexxx. Last month we saw Jenevieve’s sex fighting skills as she utterly destroyed Alexa Nova’s Pussy and asshole in all all out pussy mulling sex fight. Jenevieve is counting on her “entities” to help her get her win today. Serene is counting on her lust for pussy and tits to get her enough sexual arousal to get her victory. The winner of this match decides to be a little more romantic with her prize round. The winner makes the loser fuck her and 69 for the duration of the prize which makes for some excellent lesbian passion sex. Loser is drained of orgasms until she is left motionless on the mats.
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