May 092020 – Ariel X vs Riley Daniels – Ariel X vs Riley Daniels
Riley Daniels has only wrestled once before and that was for our mixed wrestling brothersite. Riley thinks that because she could handle mixed wrestling then she should do REALLY well with lesbian wrestling. Her opponent today is the petite Ariel X. Riley thinks she is going to be able to swash Ariel just based on size. Apparently Riley has no Idea at the time this match was filmed, Ariel X was a brown belt in BJJ and just recently promoted to Black belt. Riley is in for a world of humiliation. Ariel gets Riley naked quickly and then puts Riley’s panties into her own mouth. Riley is Hand gagged, put into a camel-clutch, foot fucked ( Ariel uses her feet to fuck riley)All this before the prize round. Riley needs to be careful not to be too cocky though. Riley has world-class pussy eating skills and she plans on making Ariel cum in round 3 if she keeps putting her pussy on Riley’s face. Round 4 is utter humiliating, Loser is strap on fucked, made to worship muscles, made to lick sweaty armpits, squirted on and fisted.
Includes: Armpits, Facesitting, Fingers In The Pussy, Fisting, Foot Domination, Leg Scissor Squeeze, Lift And Carry, Squirt, Strap On Fucking, Winner Fucks Loser
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