evolvedfightslez Cheyenne Jewel vs Mistress Kara

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! The finals of the fall brawl tournament. But first let’s explain why this is called the fall brawl tournament. Tournaments are a pain in the ass to put on for week to week updates. Models tend to have other plans they need to attend to that take priority over a porn shoot, so booking the tournament matches involves a lot of moving pieces. We wanted to shoot the entire tournament, edit it, and be able to market it for fall release. And then….the pandemic hit…things needed to be moved around since we were not able to shoot anything for about 3 months. We had to put up something so we started updating this tournament. It’s very lucky on our part because we were able to shoot one of these models in her last competitive match. Yes one of these ladies is retiring from competitive wrestling. You will see the announcement at the end interview. This being the last competitive match these girls have makes for a very technical match. Both Cheyenne and Kara are determined to win and become the first ever EVOLVED SEX FIGHT CHAMPION. These two have wrestled many times before and Cheyenne has never been able to best Kara. Today Cheyenne shows up with her A game. She’s been training and watching Kara’s Tape and she thinks she has Kara figured out. Kara is just a big beautiful sex fighting beast who takes no prisoners but she will take their assholes. This match has a tied 10-10 round in it….these girls are NOT going down easy. One girl does need to fall and when she does, the winner takes her asshole in glorious fashion. The Loser is made to worship the winner’s muscles and body. The Winner spreads her asshole and makes the loser lick her pink rim. The loser is lift and carried, taken in to the locker room and ass fucked, face sat and trib/scissor fucked.
Featuring: Cheyenne Jewel , Mistress Kara
Anal, Ass fingering, Ass Licking, Big Breasts, Body Scissors, Facesitting, Fingers in Ass, Fingers In The Pussy, Kissing, Lift And Carry, Strap On Fucking, Tribbing, Winner Fucks Loser
tags:lezdom,lesbian domination,catfight,submission,overpowered,facesitting

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